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Nonpareil offer a complete range of services for National and International Freight Forwarding.

When Nonpareil diversified its portfolio, it started offering a wide range of services for international and domestic markets. Their expertise in customs clearance as well as other importation documentations provide an edge in customs clearance. It also has enough delivery equipment for containerized cargo and a number of trucks to accommodate daily deliveries for Transportation and Distribution services. It acquired an almost 2-hectares property in Paranaque now currently housing it’s Main office and its warehousing facilities and is equipped with 24-hours security. It Freight Forwarding services operate both as sea freight NVOCC, and airfreight IATA-Accredited  provider. Nonpareil offers world class services assuring customer’s good in safe optimal transit and freight in Asia, Europe and Americas.

“What are most proud of its our ability to transport, without delay, the oversized and odd shaped packages and heavy cargo,” said Jovic Pellosis. “Our Experience gained us a slot as one of only three local companies who are members of the elite Project Cargo Network.”

Nonpareils’ experience in delivering in the most remote of places and cargo of the biggest sizes was crucial in building a powerful and decisive  reputation as a force to reckon with in the local shipping industry. Already because of this reputation, the company is confident of the ASEAN Integration.

“We Have been dealing with other countries for more than two decades now,” Roland says. “SO, we have been ready and we are just looking forward

 to look for other opportunities.”

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We offer our customer high standards of services and people providing same day clearance special clearance services as well as other importation documentations.

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We have sufficient delivery equipment for containerized cargo and number of trucks to accommodate our daily deliveries with our reliable drivers.



We offer 8,923 sq. m non-bonded warehouses with 24-hour security equipped with  forklifts, racking system, bar code equipment and competent warehouse team.

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We are licensed freight forwarding company accredit to operate both as sea freight NVOCC and airfreight IATA freight forwarding provider. Nonpareil offer world-class service assuring  customers goods in safe optimal transit and freight in Asia, Europe, and Americas.

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A great advantage of a company when it comes to securing an Offsite Records Management and Storage is having a highly secured and safe location, cost effective storage space, and the ability to secure these records when needed at any given time. These factors are very important when selecting an off-site records storage, with its fully insulated owned warehouse, Security System, Customized Records Racking System and Retention Cartons, Inventory System… and this is also where Nonpareil International Freight and Cargo Services, Inc.  can help you and your business tremendously.

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Nonpareil also handles project cargo such as special hauling to extreme site of Telecomunication equipment, Manufacturing Machineries and Power Plant Equpment.

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